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A Good Clean makes cleaning fun!

With wonderful scents that give you instant happiness and a clean home at the same time. Colourful, sweet and lovely illustrations, bringing joy to everyday chores!

Our products are created from 98% plant-based ingredients* and have fragrances with essential oils.

*Concerns active ingredients

98% Plant Based Formula*

Means derived from plants and less harmful to the environment.

*Concerns active ingredients.


Our bottles are made of recycled packaging (RPET). The triggers do not contain a metal spring and therefore can be completely recycled.

Let’s get rid of dirt naturally

100% Recycled Materials

We are very proud to announce that all our bottles are now made of 100% recycled materials (to be precise: RPET). These are collected bottles that have been melted into new bottles. That’s why they look a bit greyish.

Fully Recyclable Trigger

The trigger sprays of the big 750ml bottles are updated and are now made of 100% pure plastic. This means that they can be 100% recycled, which is also better for the environment.

Naturally friendly to the environment

All-Purpose Cleaner

I am made with rosemary and ginger essential oils. I remove dirt everywhere.

Kitchen Cleaner

I am made with lime and black pepper essential oils. I remove grease and stains in your kitchen.

Bathroom Cleaner

I am made with bergamot and jasmine essential oils I remove soap scum and other stains in your bathroom.

Washing Up Liquid

I am made with orange and jasmine essential oils. I protect your dishes against grease and dirt.

Hand Wash

I am made with thyme essential oils. I keep your hands clean of dirt and germs.

Air Freshener

I am made with waterlily and vetiver essential oils. I help freshen up your home.

Air Freshener

I am made with lavender and patchouli essential oils. I help freshen up your home.